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10.1 - Configuring (Applies to UD-Series)

The counters and timers on the LabJack units are quite flexible. In order to configure them, you have to use some basic scripting, similar to the script we've seen so far. Because setting up a counter or timer typically requires setting multiple parameters, we recommend using the AddRequest() / GoOne() / GetResult() method instead of ePut (), but really its up to you. There are also several e functions you can use, namely eTCValues() and eTCConfig(), but these functions require you to define variables, so take as many, if not more steps than using AddRequest(). Internally, these functions call AddRequest() anyway, so we recommend just using AddRequest() from the start. eTCValues(), however, could be useful if you were using a number of timers and counters and not using Channels to store the results, but that is beyond the scope of this guide.

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