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4.1 - EAnalogIn [U12 Datasheet]

Easy function. This is a simplified version of AISample. Reads the voltage from 1 analog input. Calling this function turns/leaves the status LED on.

Execution time for this function is 20 milliseconds or less (typically 16 milliseconds in Windows).


long EAnalogIn ( long *idnum,
long demo,
long channel,
long gain,
long *overVoltage,
float *voltage )

Parameter Description:
Returns: LabJack errorcodes or 0 for no error.

  • *idnum – Local ID, serial number, or -1 for first found.
  • demo – Send 0 for normal operation, >0 for demo mode. Demo mode allows this function to be called without a LabJack.
  • channel – Channel command is 0-7 for single-ended, or 8-11 for differential.
  • gain – Gain command is 0=1, 1=2, …, 7=20. This amplification is only available for differential channels.


  • *idnum – Returns the local ID or -1 if no LabJack is found.
  • overVoltage – If >0, an overvoltage has been detected on one of the selected analog inputs.
  • voltage – Returns the voltage reading.

LabJackPython Example

- python

import u12
d = u12.U12()
d.eAnalogIn(channel=0, gain=0)
#{'overVoltage': 0, 'idnum': 12, 'voltage': 1.4599609375}
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