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4.1 - Manipulating the screen components (Applies to T-Series and UD-Series)

Before we explain how to display your data, we should quickly explain how to manipulate screen components in DAQFactory. Because DAQFactory is a dynamic application, meaning you can make edits while your application is actually running, DAQFactory does not use the typical Windows click-and-drag style screen component manipulation.

Instead, you must hold down the Ctrl key to move the screen components. While the Ctrl key is pressed, you can click on components to select them, click-and-drag to move them around, and click-and-drag their corners to resize (for resizable components).

If you don't like this, you can put the system into edit mode by selecting Edit - Edit Mode from the DAQFactory main menu. This will reverse the functionality of the control key when working with components (except keyboard nudging). You can simply click and drag components, but if you want to click on a button to do an action you will have to hold the Ctrl key down. We strongly recommend against using Edit Mode except for when you have a lot of repetitive edits to make on a large number of components.

For those that skim and didn't read the previous paragraphs:

In order to manipulate screen components, you must hold down the Ctrl key.

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