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7.5 - Real-time web access with DAQConnect (Applies to T-Series and UD-Series)

DAQFactory supports direct, easy connectivity to the DAQConnect service to allow you to view your data live from a
web browser without having to worry about your firewall or router settings, static IPs or any thing else related to IT
really. You don't need an external website either, as would be required using FTP. To learn more about the service
and sign up, please visit

Once you have an account with DAQConnect, you will need to create a Connector for this DAQFactory instance. This
is done from the My Account page of DAQConnect. The Connector you create will have an ID associated with it.
This is a long string of letters and numbers separated by a few dashes, for example: 7621EE7A-C507-4AC9-B56C-

When you have the Connector ID you can setup DAQFactory. You can perform these steps on a new document or
an existing document. If starting a new document, create your channels first and ensure that you are able to view
your data locally.

1) From the DAQFactory main menu, select Tools - Real Time Web Settings...

2) Enter your Connector ID and click OK. We recommend copying and pasting from your browser.

You can optionally check the Display Detailed Status checkbox to see the details of the communications. This is handy
for debugging any connection problems, but otherwise should be kept off to keep from cluttering the command/alert
window. The Display Detailed Status setting is not saved with your document, so next time you load the document,
only errors will be displayed.

3) Go to the channel table by clicking CHANNELS in the workspace. Towards the right of the table you'll see three
columns related to DAQConnect:

DAQConn?, determines if the channel data is being sent to DAQConnect. Check this box to mark the channel.

DC Hst:, determines how many data points are kept on the DAQConnect server for historical viewing. This number is limited by the plan you select. You can enter -1 to have DAQConnect automatically apply an even amount to all of your tags based on your plan, or you can specify exact amounts for each channel allowing you to have more data retained for certain channels.

DC Intvl: determines how often the channel data is sent up to DAQConnect. This is in data points. So, if you are taking data once a second and you put a value of 10 in this column, every 10th data point is sent. This is to allow you to take data at a faster rate than it is sent to DAQConnect. Please note that DAQConnect may limit the spacing of data points being sent to it. If you need to send high speed data such as streamed data, you should contact DAQConnect to arrange for a special plan.

Once you click Apply in the channel table, DAQFactory will start sending the data to DAQConnect. You can go to My
Account in DAQConnect and click on your connector and see the tags (DAQConnect's name for a channel) listed.
You can then start creating your screens within DAQConnect to view your data from any browser.

NOTE: if you lose your Internet connection or otherwise have troubles sending data to DAQConnect, the data will queue up until a connection can be reestablished. There is a hard limit of 100,000 data points per packet across all tags to ensure you don't run out of RAM. If more than 100,000 data points queue up while waiting for a connection, the packet will be cleared and all accumulated data will be lost. New data will then reaccumulate until the connection is established or the process repeats.

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