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Appendix B - Dimensions [U12 Datasheet]

1st attachment is drawings for the LJU12-PH and LJU12-NTH, which are OEM versions of the LabJack U12.  This archive, “”, includes the document “LabJack_U12_PH-NTH_Dimensions.pdf” which has the pinouts for the pin-header connectors.

2nd attachment is Autocad DWG drawings for the U12 enclosure.

The USB connector is a standard Type-B USB such as the FCI 61729-0010BLF or  TE Connectivity 292304-2.

The DB25 connector is a standard 0.318" female part such as the Norcomp 182-025-213R531.

The screw terminals are 3-pole 5mm 45-degree such as the Dinkle EK500A (Jameco 161059).


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