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Integrating LabJack Software Into an Installer

This page is intended to provide guidance for integrating LabJack software and drivers into a custom software installer.

Creating an Installer

We have an example project for creating a custom NSIS based installer:

Integrating LabJack Software Into an Existing Installer

One option is to have your custom installer run one of our installers internally. We provide minimal installers that only include useful LabJack library files.

For other situations, the required LabJack install files are described here. Additional requirements are described below:

Windows 32-bit

C:\Program Files (x86)\LabJack\Drivers\Install\LabJackx86\LabJackx86.inf (must be installed using dpinst32.exe, see our NSIS example)

Windows 64-bit

C:\Program Files (x86)\LabJack\Drivers\Install\LabJacka64\LabJacka64.inf (must be installed using dpinst64.exe, see our NSIS example)


Supported: kernel 2.6.28 or later (older versions may work as well)

libusb-1.0 library or greater version

libstdc++ version 4.4.7 or later

glibc version 2.12 or later


Supported: macOS 10.9 and later

Supported: 64-bit (x86_64)

The Xcode developer tools (or other C or C++ compiler)

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