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LabVIEW on Mac OS X and Linux Using the Exodriver (deprecated/no longer supported)

Warning: We no longer maintain the package below. We strongly recommend using C or Python for controlling UD devices on Linux.

This is a LabVIEW Library for LabVIEW 2010 for Mac OS X and Linux. It uses Call Library Function nodes to interact with the Exodriver. The examples should be compatible with both Mac OS X and Linux. Included is the Xcode project used to make the required Mac OS X Framework and source code to build the Linux shared object (.so). We created a blog post describing how we built a library for Call Library Function nodes.

The download uses Call Library Function nodes not Code Interface Nodes (CINs). CINs are no longer supported in LabVIEW 2010. When they were we wrote a blog post describing how to build LabVIEW CINs for Mac OS X using Xcode.

Windows users, ignore all of this. See the LabVIEW for Windows support page.

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