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MatDeck allows the integration of text editing, script language, the ability to generate GUIs, flowcharts, virtual instrumentation, data visualization, programing, and parallel processing on multiple computers—all to be comprehensively done within its documents.

MatDeck has LabJack integration, which allows you to setup multiple LabJack devices. You can choose to setup the devices via code (Python or MatDeck C++ style script) or via a dedicated GUI for the T7 and T4 LabJack devices. See the MatDeck's LabJack examples for more information.

There is a free trial version and other pricing options, including academic discounts.

LabJack users can save 20% off MatDeck commercial using the promo code: 20-PERCENT-MDSUB

MatDeck runs on Windows. See here for more support details.


Create a custom instrument panel:

Configure, code, view functions and results:

Use features of T-series devices, including DIO Extended Features like PWM:

Database integration:

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