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T7 Firmware - Beta

This is the latest hot-off-the-press firmware. One of these might be moved to release after further testing, or these might be interim versions.

Beta Firmware Images







1.0317: Added watchdog clear to SBUS/SHT3x reads to ensure multiple reads in one packet do not trigger the watchdog. Fixed improper SLED startup behavior. Fixed issue causing AIN_ALL_SETTLING_US to always return -9999 (this was reported as fixed in 1.0304, but was repropogated in later versions). Fixed issue with AIN_ALL_NEGATIVE_CH not reporting 0xFFFF when there is not consistency between all AIN negative channel configurations. Reworked and fixed DIO_EF index 3,4,5,11 read functionality. Removed all AIN_EF checks from the IO_CONFIG_COMPARE functionality. The old behavior could cause false negatives and it did not fully check the AIN_EF configurations. AIN_EF checks for IO_CONFIG_COMPARE functionality will be added in a future firmware version. Fixed ASYNCH_NUM_BYTES_TX read functionality. Fixed RTD AIN_EF resistance and temperature read bugs.

Known issues: These issues will all be resolved in the next firmware version. DIO_EF index 11 READ_B registers do not return any useful information. In the future they will return a core timer timestamp when the last measurement completed. Under some conditions using oneshot mode, DIO_EF 5 can cause reconnect failure while streaming. DIO_EF index 7 does not return the MSW correctly when streaming (STREAM_DATA_CAPTURE_16).

1.0315: Fixed issue with UART RX pin not getting set to input automatically.

1.0314: Steam will now count missed scans during auto-recover toward burst. DIO_EF index 5 reorganization. Modified STREAM_SETTLING_US so that writing 0 will result in a read of 0 until stream is started, after which a read will return the settling time actually used. When STREAM_SETTLING_US is read, it will always match the settling time written. Made DAC_BINARY registers streamable. Added solution for WiFi comms software watchdog stroke issue.

1.0308: Modified DAC1 frequency out to avoid a resource conflict when sampling the high-res ADC on the T7-Pro. There is a known issue streaming at 100kHz on this firmware version. We pulled this version offline.

1.0307: Added support for type K thermocouple measurement down to -270°C. Note: approximation error down to around -250°C is close to 0.5°C or less, but between -250°C and -270°C the error spikes severely.

1.0305: Added high level support for SHT3X temperature and humidity sensors (EI-1050 replacement) using the SBUS register interface. Resolved the Ethernet issue present in 1.0304.

1.0304: Fixed a bug causing AIN_ALL_SETTLING_US to always return -9999. Fixed a bug causing AIN_ALL_OPTIONS to return 0xFFFF instead of -9999. DIO_EF index 11 behavior changed to match the one-shot and reset behavior of index 3 and 4, documentation change pending. Added a flash checksum system. This system will read the flash twice and compute a checksum of both reads. If there are discrepancies between the reads, the flash chip will be reinitialized and flash will be read again. If there are still discrepancies, factory settings will be loaded, the status LED will blink in sets of three and the device will automatically restart after 60 seconds. The checksum system is only used on comm settings, and DIO settings. Error codes produced during startup can be read from register 60093. Flash read time, when no failures occur, is ~4.7 ms compared to the old 2.2 ms. There is a known issue with Ethernet connection types. The Ethernet interface may appear to start up properly, but fail to establish communications with the host. We pulled this version offline.

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