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2.9 - OEM Versions [U12 Datasheet]

The LabJack U12 is also available in 2 OEM (original equipment manufacturer) versions:

  • LJU12-PH: This is a populated LabJack U12 PCB with pin-headers installed (on the component side of the PCB) instead of screw-terminals. Also, the LED is installed on the component side of the PCB, so nothing is installed on the solder side.
  • LJU12-NTH: This is a populated LabJack U12 PCB with no through-hole components (DB25 connector, USB connector, LED, screw-terminals). This board is meant for OEMs who solder connections directly to the PCB, or wish to install only certain connectors.

Dimensional drawings are available here. The pin-header pinouts can be found in “LabJack_U12_PH-NTH_Dimensions.pdf” which is in “”.

Normally, nothing ships with these OEM LabJacks except for the populated PCB. All software is available online on the .

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