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24.1 Cleanse (T7 Only) [T-Series Datasheet]

The Cleanse function will reset non-volatile user data and settings to the factory defaults.

To prevent errors, the WiFi module will be disabled.

Requires firmware 1.0225.

Triggering a Cleanse

To trigger a cleanse, write 0x5317052E to the CLEANSE register:

The LEDs will blink in an alternating pattern to show that the cleanse is in progress. If the LEDs blink in unison, then an error has occurred.

The CLEANSE function will take a few seconds to complete. This will cause LJM to throw a LJME_RECONNECT_FAILED error (#1239). To prevent this error, LJM's timeout needs to be increased. Alternatively, LJME_RECONNECT_FAILED errors can be ignored.

Once successfully cleared, the items listed below will be cleared.

Items Cleared:

  • Device Name
  • AIN_EF Settings
  • DIO_EF Settings
  • DIO States and Directions
  • AIN Settings
  • Watchdog Timer
  • Lua Startup Settings
  • Lua Startup Script
  • Flash User Space
  • Battery Backed RAM (Pro only)
  • Ethernet Settings
  • Some WiFi Settings 

Not Cleared:

  • Settings stored in the WiFi module are not erased. Settings in the WiFi module are SSID and Password. To clear these settings, use Kipling to write dummy values.
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