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T-Series Datasheet

High performance multifunction DAQ with USB, Ethernet, and WiFi.

This datasheet covers all T-series variants:

  • T4

  • T4-OEM

  • T7

  • T7-OEM

  • T7-PRO

  • T7-PRO-OEM

  • T8

These pages form the complete datasheet, manual, and user's guide for the T4, T7 and T8.  Most information in this datasheet applies to all T4 and T7 variants as well as the T8.  Information about WiFi only applies to the T7-Pro variants and the high-resolution ADC (ResolutionIndex = 9-12) applies to the T7-Pro variants in addition to the T8. There is an OEM section with information specific to the build of OEM versions.



T-series devices are supported by the LJM library, which simplifies device communication.

T-series devices use the Modbus protocol, so direct Modbus may be used for communication.

See here for a full list of software options.

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