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3.6 - LJstream [U12 Datasheet]

Uses stream mode to read, graph, and write to file, 4 AI channels. For more information, read about the stream functions (AIStreamStart, AIStreamRead, and AIStreamClear).

  • Enable Stream: Starts and stops the stream acquisition.
  • Scan Rate: Determines the scans/second (50 to 300).
  • Number of Scans: Determines the number of scans that will be collected each iteration, and thus determines how fast this application iterates.
  • Demo: Calls the “AIStream” functions in demo mode so timing and data is simulated.
  • Read Counter: Collects 1 analog input and the counter if selected.
  • Configure Channels: Click this button to bring up the channel configuration window shown in Figure 3.6-2.
  • Save Current Settings: Saves all the current settings, including channel configuration.
  • Graph History: Determines how much past history appears on the graph.

Figure 3.6-2 shows the LJstream channel configuration window. Here you can select analog inputs and gains and enter scaling equations. Use “Test Data” to see the effect of the scaling equations (“v” column is the measured voltage and the “y” column is the output of the scaling equations). “Manual/Sampled” determines where the “Test Data” in the “v” column originates.

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