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3.8 - LJSHT [U12 Datasheet]

Reads and records data from one or two EI-1050 digital temperature/humidity probes.

Figure 3.8-1 shows the LJSHT window:

  • Enabled (IO2/IO3): At least one EI-1050 must be connected. IO2 will be controlled as the enable line for this probe. If two probes are connected, then enable control of IO3.
  • Force Software Communication: Forces software based SHT1X communication, even if the LabJack U12 firmware is V1.10 or higher.
  • Write To File: Appends data to a tab-delimited ASCII file called ljsht.dat in the current directory. Data is written as seconds since 1904, followed by tempC/tempF/RH for each probe.
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