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Digit Quickstart for Windows

1.  Download and install the LabJack software and driver bundle. The Digit software is called Otero (Windows only), and is part of the Windows Installer. There is no utility application for Linux and Mac at this time.

2. Plug Digit-TL/H into USB port.

3.  Open Otero from the start menu, or manually in C:\Program Files (x86)\LabJack\Applications\Otero.exe

4. Select which items will be logged.

5. Select a log interval (how frequently data is collected).

6. Change to Data tab, see real-time data.

7. Download the data from prior log session.  A file dialog will appear to save the data to a file.

8. To start a new logging session, click "Erase Data & Begin New Logging Session".  It takes 3-5 seconds to erase.

9. Exit the program, the Digit is ready to continue logging.


For detailed specifications, see the datasheet.  For more information about the software, see the Otero page.  If you would like to update your firmware, proceed to the firmware page.

Otero (Digit Software) Users Manual

Note: Foreign objects inside the enclosure present a risk of damaging the board when the base is twisted off because they can catch and bind. Customers who purchased the aluminum enclosure add-on should remove the spare O-rings before use.  Here is a video demonstration of how to put a Digit-TL into its enclosure.

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