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Does LJM support Windows UWP?

We've heard from customers of LJM working on Windows UWP, but there's a couple of steps you need to take.

Please see the permissions page for details, but here's the basic steps:

  • Move ljm_constants.json to a local directory that your app can access and change LJM_CONSTANTS_FILE to point to that file path.

  • Disable gRPC by setting LJM_RPC_ENABLE to 0.

For TCP connections

  • Disable LJM Auto IPs by setting LJM_AUTO_IPS to 0.

  • You'll also need to add the internetClientServer capability:

<Capabilities> <Capability Name="internetClientServer" /> </Capabilities>

If you have any trouble with LJM working on Windows UWP, please contact us.

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