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Gyroscope (PS-ITG-3200)

This script measures rotational speed (degrees per second) using the PS-ITG-3200 Gyroscope, which can measure up to 2000 degrees/sec on 3 axes. The device on a breakout board is available here:

The data obtained from the gyro is published to USER_RAM registers, which can be accessed by any other programs connected to the T-Series device. This allows a program to be doing one task while the device simultaneously obtains the gyro data.

The datasheet is helpful for identifying how to initialize the device and  how to read data from the gyro.

In the above images, an inexpensive LJTick-LVDigitalIO was used to source the 3.3V needed for the ADXL345. A CB15 was used to expose the EIO4 and EIO5 connections.

The other functionalities of this device, like configurable interrupts, filtering, and other functions are outside the scope of this example, but can easily be configured in the same way the other device settings are initialized.

This example can be found in our Kipling git repository:

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