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LJM Auto IPs

Auto IPs functionality was added in LJM 1.1500.

LJM automatically stores network connection information to file to help open connections to LabJack devices during relevant Open calls and ListAll calls.


For enabling or disabling LJM Auto IPs functionality, see LJM_AUTO_IPS.

For setting the file path, see LJM_AUTO_IP_FILE.

Auto IPs are added when a LabJack device responds to a normal LJM UDP discovery broadcast. If the device is successfully queried for its attributes, those attributes are added to the given auto IP entry. Auto IPs in the auto IPs file are made unique according to serial number combined with connection type. Auto IPs are also removed from the auto IPs file when they have not resulted in a successful open during 10 days. Auto IPs that have not recently had a successful open have a shorter open timeout.

A Note About Specific IPs

LJM has a similar feature called Specific IPs with the main differences being:

  • Specific IPs must be manually added/removed from the Specific IPs file.

  • Specific IPs have higher priority over other IP-based opens—they are more likely to be the result of an Open call.

  • Specific IPs always have a full-length open timeout.


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