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LJM Error Codes


LJM indicates status via error codes. Errors are categorized according by range.


  • Constant: LJME_NOERROR

  • Description: The function executed without error.

  • Range: 0


  • Prefix: LJME_

  • Description: Some or all outputs might be valid.

  • Range: 200-399

Modbus Errors

  • Prefix: LJME_MBE

  • Description: Errors corresponding to official Modbus errors which are returned from the device.

  • Note: To find the original Modbus error in base 10, subtract 1200.

  • Ranges: 1200-1216

Library Errors

  • Prefix: LJME_

  • Description: Errors where all outputs are null, invalid, 0, or 9999.

  • Range: 1220-1399

Device Errors

  • Description: Errors returned from the firmware on the device.

  • Range: 2000-2999

User Area

  • Description: Errors defined by users. This is a suggested range for defining application-specific errors.

  • Range: 3900-3999

Error codes from the ljm_constants.json file. For more information about error codes look at the installed error codes page.

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