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Node.js Modbus TCP

There are several Modbus TCP libraries available on npm. We created a GitHub repository that uses a few of the libraries and mentions a few other interesting Modbus libraries called node-modbus_library_testing.

Modbus Libraries used

  1. Modbus-Stack that is used by iobroker.modbus

  2. Modbus-TCP

Other interesting npm packages to explore

  1. JSModbus

  2. Modbus-RTU

  3. Modbus-WS

  4. Modbus

Search for more Modbus related modules on npm.


Run the following commands:

  1. git clone

  2. cd node-modbus_library_testing

  3. npm install

Look at the project's file for more details.

Getting Started with Direct Modbus TCP

See the information and getting started guide in our Direct Modbus TCP documentation.

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