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U12 Mac & Linux Driver (ljacklm)

The high-level U12 driver for Linux and Mac OS X.  The ljacklm driver is a port of the ljackuw Windows driver and contains the same functions documented in Section 4 of the U12 User's Guide, excluding Windows specific functions such as GetWinVersion.  


The driver requires the Exodriver version 2.05 or above before installation. See our Exodriver download page.


The package contains an installer for convenience. It installs the ljacklm driver, header file and all the software ljacklm requires such as the Exodriver. Download the ljacklm source code for the C examples.

macOS 10.15.4 and later is not supported

ljacklm relies on Apple kernel extensions, which are deprecated in 10.15.4. As an alternative, the LabJack T-Series devices and its T-series software will maintain support for macOS 10.15.4 and later.


The package below contains the ljacklm driver's source code, installation instructions, and C example code.  For more details on the driver and the contents of the package, please refer to the README in the zip.

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