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Windows Setup Basic (Driver only)

This is a barebones Windows installer of the LabJack software for U3, U6, UE9, T4, and T7 devices. It will install the files required for the LJM and UD libraries but, unlike the full installer, will install no additional applications. It is primarily used by people who are distributing their own software for use with a LabJack.

Programmatic Install

Running the installer executable with the argument /S performs a silent install. For example:

my\path\to\LabJackBasic-2017-12-20.exe /S

The above command will not show a User Account Control popup if you use a cmd window that was Run As Administrator.

Installing with .NET

This version will install the LJUDDotNet library for .NET if it detects .NET on the system, but it will not install .NET. Thus, if you are using .NET you should ensure that it is installed before running this installer.


Older installers give a pop-up midway through installation, even with /S. To circumvent this, LabJackBasic-2017-09-12-beta.exe and later installers automatically add LabJack's certificate to the Windows TrustedPublisher store using certutil.

To start making your own installer, see the Example Windows LabJack Installer.

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