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Appendix A - Wiring Diagrams

Figure A1. Simple


There is only 1 external power supply, and 1 item being controlled.

Figure A2. Multiple Items

PS12DC_Multiple Item.png

There is 1 external power supply, and 2 items being controlled.

Figure A3. Multiple Power Supplies

PS12DC_Multiple PSU.png

There are 2 power supplies, and 2 items being controlled.  The high voltage DC motor requires a 4.7Ω inrush current limiter to help protect the PS12DC from the large inductive load inherent to a DC motor. See Appendix D for more information.

Figure A4. Multiple Items, Single Supply

5V is distributed to all 6 power supply blocks. All 12 switches are fed 5V from the LabJack.  This is a common configuration for simple testing, since the LEDs will illuminate when the LabJack is powered on, and it does not require an external power supply.

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