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C#, VB .NET for U12 - Windows

The download on this page contains C# and VB .NET examples and the .NET assembly/wrapper LJDotNet.dll for the LabJack U12.

U12 .NET Example Package Download

The following package contains our U12 .NET examples:

Getting Started

The examples on this page are only compatible with the U12.

If you are using a LabJack U3, UE9, or U6, see the UD .NET examples page instead.

If you are using a T-series LabJack device, see the LJM .NET examples page instead.

  1. Download and run the latest U12 installer.

  2. Download the latest version of above.

  3. Extract/unzip on your computer.

  4. Read README.txt included in the example package for detailed information about the U12 examples and .NET interface.

  5. Navigate to one of the examples included in the archive Example Code folder. Each example folder includes a Visual Studio project and example source code.

  6. Open the example project (.csproj, .vbproj) file in Visual Studio and run the example. The project might go through an automated upgrade process before you can use the run option.

  7. See usage.txt included in the example package for function stubs and some other information about the .NET interface. More information about the U12 library functions can be found in the U12 datasheet.

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