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Direct Connection via Ethernet (App Note)


Normal network setup uses a router, but instead you can configure your computer's Ethernet network adapter to host a static network. You can then connect a LabJack device via its Ethernet port directly. You can also connect multiple devices to a switch or a hub connected directly to your computer's Ethernet port. 

A direct Ethernet connection is a fast, low-latency Ethernet connection because there are as few network connections as possible.

Steps to Configure a Direct Ethernet Connection

Configure a static IP address for the both the LabJack and the computer.

Configure your computer

Follow a tutorial for your operating system to configure your computer's Ethernet port to have a static IPv4 IP address. For example:

  • Give your computer a static IP address of:
  • The subnet mask should be:
  • The default gateway should be:

If you have more than one network adapter, make sure that the other network adapters do not overlap. For example, if multiple network adapters have a gateway of then only one of them will work. For this, you can use a different network gateway, such as Adjust the LabJack's network configurations accordingly.

Configure your LabJack T4 or T7

Use Kipling to configure a static IP:

  1. Connect a computer to the LabJack via USB.
  2. Run Kipling, connect to the LabJack via USB, and navigate to the Network Settings tab.
  3. Disable DHCP to enable manual entry of the networking details.
    1. Enter the IP address:
    2. Subnet:
    3. Gateway:
    4. You can leave the DNS/Alt-DNS IP addresses at:
    5. Press the Apply button.
  4. Wait a few seconds for the device's reported connection status to report "Connected" and show a static IP address of If this does not happen, close Kipling, power cycle the LabJack, re-open Kipling, and try again.

For devices without USB, use an SPC-to-AIN3 jumper to temporarily configure a static IP.

Test the connection

Now go to step #7 of the Setup WiFi and Ethernet ... App Note, and depending on what happens you might need to see the troubleshooting tips towards the end of the Basic Networking & Troubleshooting App Note.

If communication with a static IP device is lost

If the device's Ethernet configuration gets reset it will default to DHCP on. In most cases, the device using DHCP will not be able to communicate on a static network. Options to reestablish communication are:

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