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LJM Installation Instructions


  1. Check the system requirements.

  2. Run the LabJack Windows Installer. This installs LJM and all dependencies. If you run into installation issues, see the Windows Installer Troubleshooting (App Note).

Programmatic (silent) install

See Windows Setup Basic (Driver only).


  1. Check the system requirements.

  2. Run labjack_ljm_software_<date>.pkg. (For example: labjack_ljm_software_2019_02_14.pkg)

  3. Follow the installer instructions.

Programmatic install

LJM can be programmatically installed. After downloading (see below for a programmatic download command using curl), the following example commands unzip the package and install LJM:

cd labjack_ljm_software_2019_02_14
sudo installer -pkg labjack_ljm_software_2019_02_14.pkg -target /


Both full installs and minimal installs are available. See what files are installed for more details.

  • The full installer follows the naming convention labjack_ljm_software_<date>_<architecture>.tar.gz. For example: labjack_ljm_software_2018_08_30_x86_64.tar.gz

  • The minimal installer follows the naming convention labjack_ljm_minimal_<date>_<architecture>.tar.gz. For  example: labjack_ljm_minimal_2018_08_30_x86_64.tar.gz

Installation Instructions

  1. Check the system requirements.

  2. Download the tarball that matches your processor type. The command uname -p will display what processor you have.

  3. Un-tar and cd into the package:
    tar -xzf labjack_ljm_software_<date>_<architecture>.tar.gz
    cd labjack_ljm_software_<date>_<architecture>

  4. Run the installer:
    sudo ./

Programmatic Download

The following curl command demonstrates how to programmatically download LJM:

curl -sSLO

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