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LJM Stream Functions [LJM User's Guide]

To stream an unlimited number of scans from a device:

  1. Start a stream using LJM_eStreamStart
  2. In a loop, read from the device stream using LJM_eStreamRead
  3. Optionally, use LJM_SetStreamCallback instead of LJM_eStreamRead
  4. End the stream using LJM_eStreamStop

To stream a finite number of scans, use LJM_StreamBurst.

  • LJM_StreamBurst is a convenience function that internally performs LJM_eStreamStart, LJM_eStreamRead, and LJM_eStreamStop.

To check the status of the operating system's TCP receive buffer, use LJM_GetStreamTCPReceiveBufferStatus.

To output a periodic waveform from the device, use LJM_PeriodicStreamOut.

To output an irregular waveform, use LJM_InitializeAperiodicStreamOut and LJM_WriteAperiodicStreamOut.

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