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LJM Function Reference

The LJM library provides functions to open a connection to supported LabJack devices and subsequently access device registers. Additionally, it provides a small set of data acquisition utility functions.

Device open and close functions

Each device connection is represented by a handle that is obtained using one of the LJM open functions. That handle is passed to the other LJM functions to specify which device to operate on. The device connection should be released with an LJM close function before terminating an LJM program.

More on Opening and Closing

Single and multiple value functions

The single and multiple value functions provide a simple interface for reading/writing data to device registers. We support functions to access a register value by name or an address. See the following related sections:

Single Value Functions

Multiple Value Functions

Stream functions

The stream functions allow data to be collected at a constant and/or fast rate.

More on streaming

More functions

There are also utility functions provided to do things like debugging and making unit conversions easier, as well as a few functions that let you configure the library itself. See the following related sections:

Device Information Functions

Utility Functions

Timing Functions

Debugging Functions

Low-level Functions

Library Configuration Functions

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