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MATLAB for U12 - Windows

MATLAB .NET examples for R2009a (7.8) and later

The recommended MATLAB examples that requires R2009a (7.8) and later. The "MATLAB_LJDotNET" attachment below provides examples that use the MATLAB .NET interface and the U12 .NET assembly (LJDotNet.dll). Tested on 32-bit MATLAB 2013a (8.1). Refer to the README.txt in the download for details. 4/11/2013, 6 KB.


Old MATLAB examples for R2008b (7.7) and earlier

Old LabJack U12 drivers for MATLAB. Developed and tested on MATLAB 6.1. The LJMATLAB archive ("Old LJMATLAB" attachment) allows data acquisition and control in MATLAB using the LabJack U12. Requires the normal LabJack U12 Legacy DLL which is installed by the main U12 installer. 4/22/2004, 750 KB.

For MATLAB 5, replace the DLLs from the "Old MATLAB" download (LJMATLAB), with "Old LJMATLAB5" (LJMATLAB5). 4/6/2004, 554 KB.

NOTE: MATLAB 6.5 and higher supports direct DLL calls, so special drivers are not required, but a special header is needed to use some functions.



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