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Otero Changelog


Added value change notifications indicating that when users adjust the device name, alarm settings, and the battery install date their changes aren't saved until starting a new logging session due to the changes in firmware v1.23. Also added a notice to users regarding the battery life estimate being potentially massively wrong. This is now also mentioned in the Digit's datasheet.


Renamed the Erase & Restart Logging button to be more descriptive. Button text now reads "Erase Data & Begin New Logging Session". Also added a prompt that will appear if users attempt to exit the program with unsaved changes to Log Items or Log Interval.  Added help button that opens online documentation.  Small UI tweaks.  If you are getting LabJack Error #1202 LJME_MBE2_ILLEGAL_DATA_ADDRESS when using a Digit-TL/H, it's most likely due to having newer firmware than the software supports (boundary in FW v1.21), so please update your software to v1.53 or newer.  You can get new Otero software on the software page.


Small bug fix. Starting with v1.50, when switching from the 'Multiple Digits' tab and the 'Individual Digits' tab, downloaded data on the 'Individual Digits' Data tab would appear on the graph with twice the original amplitude, this is fixed in 1.52.


New graph navigation tools to make it easier to zoom-in, zoom-out, and locate individual data points on the graph. Autoscale check box removed, but it's possible to autoscale by clicking the magnifying glass icon, and selecting the bottom-left option. It's also possible to autoscale by switching between the different data tabs.


Simplified buttons, remembers temperature units. New version compatible with Digit-TL/TLH firmware v1.21. Improved visual appearance of the battery indicator, and recovery flags. Software will now remember previous selection of °C or °F, as well as the download directory and other software options. Starting with firmware v1.21, settings changes are auto-saved by firmware, so the 'Apply' button is removed. To make changes to Log Interval or Log Items, users must restart the logging session by clicking 'Erase Data & Begin New Logging Session'. The synchronize button has been removed. Device time is now automatically synchronized with the computer by clicking the ''Erase Data & Begin New Logging Session' button. Downloaded .csv files now include a column representing "During USB" readings, which 0(false) = on battery power, 1(true) = USB active. Starting with firmware v1.21, the Digit-TL/TLH continuously logs data, regardless of USB presence.  Users can still parse out temperature data collected during active USB connection by using the "During USB" flags in downloaded data.


The delimiter in downloaded files now defaults to comma only if comma is not the default decimal separator for the system. Prior to this default change, international customers would have to manually change to Tab separated before downloading data files.  Also made it more apparent that it's possible to modify the device name.  Also fixed an issue which prevented proper closing of the program if you were on the data tab.  Also made the version checking less obtrusive (removed popup message). Pressing the <Enter> key no longer causes the program to jump to a different tab. Program makes it more obvious when the battery is dead/low, and logging has stopped.


Added "blink" buttons on the multiple configuration, multiple data, and humidity calibration screens to help users identify which physical hardware contributed which data. This is particularly useful for when dozens of Digit-(TL/TLH)s are connected to the USB host, and only a single unit has suspicious or interesting data.  Previously there was no way of knowing exactly which physical hardware contributed what data when multiple were connected because the serial numbers of Digit-(TL/TLH)s are not shown on a sticker.  Instead, users had to either use process of elimination and disconnect Digits from USB then re-launch the program, or they had to label the units.


Fixed a bug where the program could report Error #0 if the remote server containing version information was not fully available.  The error in previous versions would often manifest as a "CD post value" error of some kind.


Changed the default delimiter on downloaded data from tab separated to comma separated. International customers should select tab or semicolon prior to download.


Reduced timeout of online version checking from (~3s) to 500mS to improve offline program usage experience.


Fixed a bug which allowed for an Return character in the Device Name. If there is a Return character in the device name, the download .csv dialog will not appear, so exporting to .csv appears non-functional. In Otero v1.42 it is not possible to insert a Return character in the device name. New program icon.


A few minor tweaks to the humidity calibration factory default slope, and expanded allowed slope input range to be more suitable for HW v1.20 Digit-TLHs. Basically just a few minor tweaks to Digit-TLH calibration to make it better for HW v1.20.  New program icon.


Temperature units of downloaded data now correctly displayed as F or C, depending on selection. Changed error checking to make it possible to use the program without an internet connection (only a problem since v1.38). Due to humidity calibration changes in v1.41+, Otero v1.40 is the recommended version for hardware v.1.11 Digit-TLH users. Digit-TL unaffected and fully compatible with newest versions.


Fixed a bug where exported temperature data was not exported in degrees F when F was selected (on the 'data' tab, 'Real-time readings' section), this bug was only present since v1.37. Note that the temperature of downloaded data is still displayed in Celcius on the downloaded data graph, regardless of selection (should be fixed in a future release).


Added check for Otero version, and firmware version against an online database to verify up-to-date. Some minor text changes in information dialog windows. Text changes to graph(s) y-axis. Humidity readings now coerced to range (-10% to 110%) program-wide. Numerous bug fixes related to v1.37. Now includes all support files, so the .exe can be copied and pasted anywhere.


Added multiple Digit support. New features make it easier to manage hundreds of Digits at the same time. Features include:

  • Mass configure - Configure 100s of Digits to have the same settings.
  • Mass download/view/export - Export Digit data instantly to 100s of files using several naming options
  • Mass calibrate humidity - Store 100s of Digits in a reference chamber, and calibrate all of them in a few simple steps!
  • Mass RTC synchronization, user alarm resets etc

File export now uses ISO 8601 date, and H:i:s time (YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS). Graphs now show timestamp on X axis instead of generic 'reading #'.  Removed need for in the support folder. Added the ability to change the battery install date (if users install a new battery themselves).  Small UI tweaks and re-arranging. Added indicator near the Exit button which describes what happens to the current logging session on Exit. 


Fixed a small bug with T, L, H where light readings were not downloaded correctly at low temperatures. Updated the way that errors are displayed. Added error 2499 to OteroConstants.json


Changed screen sizes slightly, updated configuration tab to contain system alarms & warning flags, instead of just alarms.  Added sync button instead of using message prompt. Now uses configuration file called OteroConstants.json in ...labjack/applications/support folder.

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