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Sensor App Notes

Ideal Sensor Requirements

Power Supply:  The ideal sensor will be powered via 5 VDC so that you can power it from the LabJack. If 5 VDC cannot power your sensor, 12-24 VDC is easy to provide with an external power supply. See our Externally Powered Signals App Note for power supply recommendations and related information.

Signal:  The ideal signal is a voltage signal that matches the analog input range of the LabJack.  With the ±10 V inputs found on most LabJacks, the signal ranges of 0.5-4.5 V, 0-5 V, 0-10 V, or ±10 V are all excellent options. Sensors that output 4-20mA signals are common and often measured using an LJTick-CurrentShunt as outlined in our Measuring Current App Note.


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