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UE9 Datasheet

Original Ethernet/USB multifunction DAQ.

This datasheet covers all UE9 variants:  UE9 and UE9-Pro.

Production Status:  NLA (no longer available as of March 2022).  Many parts required to build the UE9 have been discontinued by their manufacturers. Production of the UE9 has become increasingly difficult and expensive, if not impossible. The T7 is a newer (not drop-in) replacement that is superior in every way including cost.

The UE9 family was the first LabJack product to incorporate industrial strength Ethernet, and offers a wide range of capabilities. It has a long service record of reliability and customer satisfaction, but new applications should consider the newer T7 or T7-Pro instead.

These HTML pages form the complete datasheet, manual, and user's guide for the UE9.  Most information in this datasheet applies to all UE9 variants.  Specifications are in Appendix A.  UD library documentation is in Section 4.


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