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ByteArrayToFLOAT32 [LJM User's Guide]

Converts an array of bytes to 32-bit float values, performing automatic endian conversions if necessary.

This function is not needed except for applications performing raw byte manipulation, as with the Raw Byte functions.


const unsigned char * aBytes,
int RegisterOffset,
int NumFLOAT32,
float * aFLOAT32)


aBytes [in]

The bytes to be converted.

RegisterOffset [in]

The register offset to get the values from in aBytes.

NumFLOAT32 [in]

The number of values to convert.

aFLOAT32 [out]

The converted bytes in 32-bit float value form.


LJM errorcode or 0 for no error.


See also: LJM_FLOAT32ToByteArray

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