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ByteArrayToUINT32 [LJM User's Guide]

Converts an array of bytes to 32-bit unsigned integer values, performing automatic endian conversions if necessary.

This function is not needed except for applications performing raw byte manipulation, as with the Raw Byte functions.


const unsigned char * aBytes,
int RegisterOffset,
int NumUINT32,
unsigned int * aUINT32)


aBytes [in]

The bytes to be converted.

RegisterOffset [in]

The register offset to get the values from in aBytes.

NumUINT32 [in]

The number of values to convert.

aUINT32 [out]

The converted bytes in 32-bit unsigned integer value form.


LJM errorcode or 0 for no error.


See also: LJM_UINT32ToByteArray

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