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GetDeepSearchInfo [LJM User's Guide]

Get information about whether the Deep Search file was parsed successfully.


int * InfoHandle,
const char ** Info)


InfoHandle [out]

A handle to Info that should be passed to LJM_CleanInfo after Info has been read.

Info [out]

A pointer to a JSON formatted char * (allocated by LJM) describing the state of the Deep Search.

Info Semantics

"errorCode": Integer LJME_ error code. 0 indicates no error
"IPs": Array of strings - the presentation-format IPs
"message": Human-readable string description of success/failure
"filePath": String absolute or relative file path
"invalidIPs": Array of strings - the unparsable lines


LJM errorcodes or 0 for no error. This may be LJME_CONFIG_PARSING_ERROR even if some addresses in the Deep Search file were parsed without error.

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