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Kipling Linux Support

Kipling will not run on all distributions of Linux. Generally, newer distributions like Ubuntu 18 will work, while CentOS 6.5 and Red Hat 6.5 unfortunately do not. Kipling requires multiple libraries, as can be displayed by using the ldd command. Here is an simplified output of ldd Kipling on Ubuntu 14.04:

To find out if your distribution is supported, you can either:

  1. Run Kipling and upgrade packages using your distribution's package manager as needed if you get errors.
  2. Ensure that you have all of the above versions (or greater) of the above libraries.

Note that you can also build Kipling from source. The process to do so is fairly involved, however, and the documentation to do so may be minimal. Only attempt this if you are an advanced user, as we may not be able to provide much support.

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