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T-Series Applications

The following applications are compatible with the T-series devices. They installed using the LJM Library installer. Check the installer's download page for more details.

  • LJLogM - Logging program recommended for < 100 Hz for T-series devices
  • LJStreamM - Logging program recommended for > 100 Hz for T-series devices
  • Kipling - Basic configuration and testing application for the T-series devices

The following programs are not included in the LJM installer.

  • Beta LJLogM - This is a Beta version of LJLogM that supports collecting data from more than 16 channels, has 3 data viewing options, has additional data logging features, and more. It can be installed on-top of the existing version of LJLogM and launched with Kipling.
  • microSD Card Utility - The microSD Card utility is an application that connects to compatible T-series devices to allow files saved to installed microSD cards to be downloaded with out having to remove the microSD card from the device. This allows files that were created by Lua scripts to be downloaded.
  • Additional Utility Applications - Additional applications include a mass config tool for analog inputs, among others.
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