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LabWindows/CVI for LJM - Windows

Basic example for LabWindows/CVI and the LJM library.


  • A T-series LabJack Device

  • LJM Library - Install the LJM Library

  • LabWindows/CVI 5.5 or newer

  • Operating system - Windows

Latest Example Package

Basic project and example for LabWindows/CVI and the LJM library. C/C++ code derived from the LJM C/C++ examples, which we recommend seeing for additional example code.

Communication Basics

With the LJM library, pretty much everything you might want to do with a device is accomplished by writing and/or reading some registers.  Look at the T-series Datasheet or the Modbus Map to determine what registers you need to write and read, then use eWriteName (or eWriteNames) to write the desired registers and eReadName (or eReadNames) to read the desired registers.

File List contains:


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