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LJLogM Beta Change Log


  • Fixed the feature that allows data to be logged at a different rate than data is collected.
  • Fixed the feature that allows users to generate a new log file.
  • Added a feature that allows users to sort logged data into folders.  This feature also saves a snap-shot of the LJLogM .cfg files for later use.
  • Added a feature that allows users to open created log files by running a custom windows "CMD" prompt script.
  • Added a feature enabling LJLogM to run CMD scripts when a log starts and stops as well as when log files are first created and when the file is closed.


  • Added abilities to log both absolute (computer time) and relative (from log start) time stamp values to log files as well as the value index.
  • Added ability to stop logging after: a number of samples, a period of time, or an absolute time.
  • Added the ability to start a new file after a certain number of samples have been collected instead of just the # bytes.
  • Added indicators to display log stats.
  • Changed from "write to file" button to "Start" and "Stop" buttons.
  • Added quotes around strings that get logged to .dat files so that spreadsheet applications can properly load/parse files.
  • Added the ability to check for & notify users of new "release" and "beta" versions of LJLogM.
  • Other small fixes.


Initial public release of LJLogM-Beta

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