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LJME_ATTR_LOAD_COMM_FAILURE happens during LJM open calls.

It can happen in a few different situations.

LabJack Needs Reset

A LabJack can sometimes need a reset, such as when the watchdog is set to too short a timeout. Try using a reset-to-factory jumper—see 11.0 SPC for details.

Intermittent Communication Failure

It's possible for the connection to fail partway through LJM connecting to a LabJack. What to test depends on the communication type.


Use the USB connection in Kipling to watch the status of the WiFi connection.  See the troubleshooting tips towards the end of the Setup WiFi and Ethernet App Note.


See Ethernet Troubleshooting towards the end of the Basic Networking App Note.  Start with items 1 & 2.


To fix USB issues, see USB Communication Failure.

Check LED Behavior

What is the behavior of the LEDs? They should have normal LED behavior.

Old Firmware or Software

Use Kipling to update firmware and install the latest LabJack installer.

The beta firmware and LJM versions are often worth trying.

Contact Us

If you can't determine the cause of the issue, please contact us. We'll probably need to know the following:

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