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Lua Script Debugger

After selecting devices, a tab named "Lua Scripting" is available. It is used to write and debug scripts that execute on-board T-Series devices. Details about Lua scripting are in the device datasheet Lua Scripting section.

Key Features

  • Includes basic and advanced Lua examples

  • Examples that interface with external sensors via serial (I2C, SPI, UART, etc.)

  • Ability to edit Lua scripts, save them, as well as save to the device

  • Ability to have Lua scripts start running on device power-on

  • Debugging "console" output window to allow for print/printf debugging during run time

  • Basic syntax checking and Lua syntax highlighting

All of the Lua examples can be accessed in the Lua code section, but it's easier to open and run them directly in Kipling.

Basic Lua Script Editor

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