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TCVoltsToTemp [LJM User's Guide]

Converts thermocouple voltage to temperature.


int TCType,
double TCVolts,
double CJTempK,
double * pTCTempK)


TCType [in]

The thermocouple type. Constants are (alphabetically):

B = 6001

C = 6009

E = 6002

J = 6003

K = 6004

N = 6005

R = 6006

S = 6007

T = 6008

TCVolts [in]

The voltage reported by the thermocouple in volts.

CJTempK [in]

The cold-junction temperature in degrees Kelvin.

pTCTempK [out]

The calculated thermocouple temperature in degrees Kelvin.


LJM errorcodes or 0 for no error.


Use this function to easily calculate thermocouple temperatures from voltage readings. When thermocouples are connected to the AIN0-AIN3 screw terminals, the cold-junction temperature can be obtained from AIN14, which maps to a nearby temp sensor inside most LabJack devices.


Get the temperature of a K type thermocouple.

int LJMError;
double TCTempKelvin;
LJMError = LJM_TCVoltsToTemp(6004, 0.00134, 299.039, &TCTempKelvin);
printf("%f\n", TCTempKelvin);
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