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Both absolute (current computer time) relative (time compared to a starting point) time stamps that get saved to a log file can be customized using the following special characters.

Relative Time Format Codes:
Weeks: %W
Days: %D
Hours: %H
Minutes: %M
Seconds: %S
Fractional seconds with <digit> %<digit>u
A single percent character: %

Absolute Time Format Codes:
Abbreviated weekday name: %a
Weekday name: %A
Abbreviated month name: %b
Month name: %B
Default date and time %c
Day of month (01-31): %d
Hour (24-hour clock) (00-23): %H
Hour (12-hour clock) (01-12): %I
Day of year (001-366): %j
Month number (01-12): %m
Minute (0-59): %M
AM or PM flag: %p
Seconds (00-59): %S
Fractional seconds with <digit> precision: %<digit>u
Week number (0-53) with Sunday as the first day of week 1: %U
Weekday number (0-6): %w
Week number (00-53) with Monday as the first day of week 1: %W
Locale date: %x
Locale time: %X
Year within century (00-99): %y
Year including century: %Y
Time zone: %Z

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