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2 - Hardware Description [U3 Datasheet]

Figure 2-0. LabJack U3 Drawing

The U3 has 3 different I/O areas:

  • Communication Edge,

  • Screw Terminal Edge,

  • DB Edge.

The communication edge has a USB type B connector (with black cable connected in Figure 2-1). All power and communication is handled by the USB interface.

The screw terminal edge has convenient connections for the analog outputs and 8 flexible I/O (digital I/O, analog inputs, timers, or counters). The screw terminals are arranged in blocks of 4, with each block consisting of Vs, GND, and two I/O. There is also a status LED located on the left edge.

The DB Edge has a D-sub type connectors called DB15 which has the 8 EIO lines and 4 CIO lines. The EIO lines are flexible like the FIO lines, while the CIO are dedicated digital I/O.

Figure 2-1. LabJack U3


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