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AddressesToTypes [LJM User's Guide]

Retrieves multiple data types for given Modbus register addresses.


int NumAddresses,
int * aAddresses,
int * aTypes)


NumAddresses [in]

The number of addresses to process.

aAddresses [in]

The array of address numbers to process. Set to size NumAddresses.

aTypes [out]

An output array containing the data types of each address specified in aAddresses. Set to size NumAddresses.


LJM errorcodes or 0 for no error.


Convenience function to programmatically discover the types of many Modbus addresses. Most people can simply look in the Modbus Map. For each aAddresses[i] that is not found, the corresponding entry aTypes[i] will be set to LJM_INVALID_NAME_ADDRESS and this function will return LJME_INVALID_ADDRESS.


Get the type of Modbus address 6, which is AIN3, and Modbus address 2002, which is FIO2.

int LJMError;
int aAddresses[2] = {6, 2002};
int aTypes[2];
int TypeAIN3;
int TypeFIO2;
LJMError = LJM_AddressesToTypes(2, aAddresses, aTypes);
TypeAIN3 = aTypes[0];    //LJM_FLOAT32
TypeFIO2 = aTypes[1];    //LJM_UINT16
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