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Device Configuration

When LJLogM starts and a device becomes successfully connected, LJLogM can perform a list of register write commands to configure a T-Series device. Each register is written one value at a time. This tool also makes it easier to enable AIN_EF and DIO_EF features that aren't as easily accessible through Kipling and its Register Matrix. The registers that get written can be found in the LJLogM_device_config.cfg file.  A full list of registers that can be found on the Modbus Map page

Defining Registers: Enter one register per row in the left column and the value that needs to be written to that register in the right column of the "Device Config Registers & Values" table. 

Parsed List of Config Registers: As new registers get added, a parsed list of registers and values get updated.  The LabVIEW 7.1 table GUI element is not very clear/easy to use, so some extra tooling is in place to get things cleaned up if the .cfg file itself isn't being edited.

Configure the Device: After all of the required registers have been entered into the table, press the Execute Config Register List to instruct LJLogM to write the values to the connected T-Series device.  LJLogM can be configured to execute this list of commands whenever a device connects, or when a device disconnects and then re-connects which can happen when the device power cycles.  When a device disconnects, error code 1239, "LJME_RECONNECT_FAILED" is returned. When it re-connects there will be no error and the device will get reconfigured if the Exec on Re-connect is enable.

Config File: Instead of editing the list of configuration registers through LJLogM, users can edit the LJLogM_device_config.cfg file in their preferred text editor and then re-import the file into LJLogM with the following controls and format:

Device Configuration Errors: If device configuration fails, the error window will get populated with an LJM error code and additional information as follows:

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