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U12 Applications

Applications compatible with the U12 are installed by the U12 Library installer. Check the installer's download page for more details.

  • LJconfig - Changes the local ID of the U12 with a serial number reference
  • LJcounter - Reads a counter value and provides the frequency
  • LJfg - Analog output waveform generator
  • LJlogger - Logs data up to 2Hz, performs basic trigger events
  • LJscope - Simulated oscilloscope with 2 analog inputs
  • LJstream - Logs data up to 300Hz, from up to 4 channels
  • LJtest - Testing program to verify hardware operation
  • LJSHT - Reads data from a EI-1050 temperature/humidity probe
  • LJSHTmulti - Reads data from multiple EI-1050 temperature/humidity probes
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